I’m headed to the UK!

Starting in January I’ll be working and living in London, England.

I lived in London for two months when I was in University and I knew I always had to go back for a longer stay. I love it over there so much. So back in October I applied for my visa and it’s here. I’m a tad nervous and scared about it but mostly excited and ready! Wish me good luck.

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Halloween Music Video

Check out the music video I made for one of my favorite Aqua songs “Halloween.”

Directed by: John C J Murphy Cinematography by: Keaton TF Evans Edited by: John C J Murphy Music by: Aqua from their album Aquarius Playback by: Courtenay von Ilberg Grip: Matt Neal Color Correction by: Keaton TF Evans Cherry Hart: John C J Murphy Monster: Courtenay von Ilberg